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Second Expression of Interest Call

Second Expression of Interest Call

  The Second Call for EOI was initiated and proposals were received through the IIT Kanpur-La Trobe University Research Academy website till 31 July 2021 for engaging Ph.D. students under Joint Doctoral Degree Program.


Proposal ID Proposal Title IIT Kanpur
La Trobe
EOI 2-1 Growth Convergence & Spatial Analysis of Indo-Australian Supply Chain Dynamics Perspective Somesh Kumar Mathur Sobhan(Sean) Asian
EOI 2-2 Women Entrepreneurs & Green Entrepreneurship:
A Strategic Approach towards Implementation of Circular Economy Model
B.V.Phani Alex Maritz
EOI 2-3 AI-Driven Healthcare:
Multi-Modality Data Analysis and Mining for COVID-19 Treatment and Rehabilitation in India & Australia
Vipul Arora Peng Cheng
EOI 2-4 Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and internet of things for Agri-Food Supply Chain Traceability Subhajit Roy Wei Xiang
EOI 2-5 A Hierarchical Methodology for Designing Ultra-High Strength Cement Composite for Construction for Modern Infrastructure Amar Nath Roy Chowdhury Vipul Patel
EOI 2-6 Explainable Deep Syntactic Descriptors for Information Retrieval Vipul Arora Phoebe Chen
EOI 2-7 Automated Traffic Incident Detection and Duration Prediction Pranamesh Chakraborty Long Truong
EOI 2-8 Public Understanding and Informed Decision-Making on the Ganges River Water by People Participation for an Action Plan for Clean River Ganges (APCRG). Pradip Swarnakar
Raju Kumar Gupta
Prem Kurup
Xia Li
EOI 2-9 Discover the Best Practices of Community Engagement in Promoting Electric Mobility in Smart Urban City Pradip Swarnakar Malliga Marimuthu
Clare D'Souza
EOI 2-10 Incremental Data Stream Representation Learning Based Digital Twin Technology for Dynamic Smart City Environments Ankush Sharma Damminda Alahakoon
Binh Tran
EOI 2-11 Ethics in the Supply Chain Jothsna Rajan Suzzane Young
Damminda Alahakoon
EOI 2-12 Geothermal Foundation System for Heating and Cooling of Buildings Priyanka Ghosh Aboel Naga Hossam
EOI 2-13 Hybrid Nanocellulose-Glass and Carbon Fibres:
Toward Sustainable Sourcing and Biodegradable Recycling of High-Performance Structural Composite Materials.
Vivek Verma James Maxwell
Avinash Baji
Ing Kong
Metamaterial Embedded Composites for Enhanced Multifunctional Mechanical Performances
Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay Thuc P. Vo

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    CRICOS Course Code: 0100696 Doctor of Philosophy (High Cost)
    CRICOS Course Code: 0100697 Doctor of Philosophy (Low Cost)