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Second Special Expression of Interest Call

Second Special Expression of Interest Call


Proposal ID Proposal Title IIT Kanpur
La Trobe
SEOI2-1 Machine Vision Techniques for Robot Water Tank Inspection Systems Abhilash Patel Robert Ross To be recruited LaTrobe
SEOI2-2 Artificial Intelligence-Based Anomaly and Vulnerability Detection of Smart Grids with a Specific Focus on Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) Attacks Ankush Sharma Damminda Alahakoon (Shalinka Jayatilleke proposer) To be recruited LaTrobe
SEOI2-3 The Adoption and Application of Technological Service Innovation in Aged Care Context: A Service- Dominant Logic Perspective Murali Prasad Panta Seyed Mohammad Khaksar To be recruited LaTrobe
SEOI2-4 Machine Learning for Neoantigen Identification and Prediction in Cancer Immunotherapy Subhajit Roy Wei Xiang To be recruited LaTrobe
SEOI2-5 Design and Development of Intelligent Energy Harvesting Autonomous Buoy for River Water Quality Management Bishakh Bhattacharya Robert Ross Ashish Shukla IIT Kanpur
SEOI2-6 Australia-India Economic Cooperation: An Agricultural Supply Chain Perspective Vipin B Sean Arisian Shivam Sharma IIT Kanpur
SEOI2-7 Risk Assessment Concerning Nuclides Leakage from the Underground Nuclear Waste Storage Sites Chunendra Sahu Hossam Aboel Naga Anoop Rathore IIT Kanpur
SEOI2-8 A Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading using Transactive Energy for Smart Grid Using Blockchain Technology Gururaj Mirle Vishwanath Naveen Chilamkurti Mayank Arora IIT Kanpur
SEOI2-9 Documenting Tawang Monpa: A Step towards Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of Tawang Monpas Chaithra Puttaswamy Lauren Gawne Mrunmayee Amshekar IIT Kanpur
SEOI2-10 Recontextualization of Psychological Capital: Studies in the Remote Work Setup Amit Shukla Jasvir Kaur
Nachatar Singh
Vineet Arora IIT Kanpur
SEOI2-11 Forging Forward with Modern Sustainable Finance and Investment Suman Saurabh and B V Phani Darren Henry Pooja Yadav IIT Kanpur
SEOI2-12 Development of Porous Polymer 3D Networks via Electrospinning for Fog Harvesting Sameer Khandekar Avinash Baji Sohom Goswami IIT Kanpur
SEOI2-13 Development of 3D Printed Pulsating Heat Pipes for Solar Water Desalination Sameer Khandekar James Maxwell Tarun Kulshrestha IIT Kanpur
Project Withdrawn

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    CRICOS Course Code: 0100696 Doctor of Philosophy (High Cost)
    CRICOS Course Code: 0100697 Doctor of Philosophy (Low Cost)