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Vision, Mission & Objectives

  • Vision

    The vision of the IIT Kanpur-La Trobe University Research Academy is to bring the two organizations research capabilities together to build a critical mass of resources, researchers and research effort to create a globally recognized centre of excellence for research and training with a strong focus on industry engagement.

  • Mission

    The mission of the IIT Kanpur – La Trobe University Research Academy is to foster a long-term collaboration that reflects a common research purpose which leads to collaborative research, joint training and scholarship support for doctoral students jointly enrolled at both institutions. Working with industry and other stakeholders in India and Australia, the Research Academy will facilitate the translation of research into practice and enable the commercialisation of Intellectual Property.

  • Objectives

    The broad objectives of the Research Academy include the following:

    1. Collaboration to drive outcomes with impact in research, planning, implementation and evaluation of complex Smart City development projects across a broad range of themes
    2. Development of the next generation of highly skilled and industry ready research leaders through the Joint Doctoral Degree Program
    3. Extension of the existing international reputations of IIT Kanpur and La Trobe University, and to improve institutional research outcomes, including joint research publications, and opportunities to carry out joint research projects from Government and Industry
    4. Enhancement of both institutions capacity to address significant social, community, health and technological challenges of significance to India, Australia and globally
    5. Creation of interdependent networks of researchers, and support for research that has impact and commercialization potential